LED light fans – Leading the future


The thought of installing lights in Ceiling Fans was invented when people discovered that they don’t have much space in the house to install both the items. They can either install a fan or a light fixture. Hence, came up with the solution of installing lights in fans. But installing a normal light was a tacky solution, and the inventors decided to go for a classier solution that does not only solve the problem of air and light but also improves the appearance of the fan itself. This gave them another idea of installing LED light in fans.

LED is a raging quite rapidly in the world of illumination. Whether it is your light fixture or televisions, LED is making huge impacts everywhere. The main reason for its huge popularity is that it emits less heat and lasts for a longer period compared to the conventional bulbs or tubes. LED ceiling fans come in different light colours and styles. The major benefits of LED are that they are inexpensive, light in weight and long lasting. So, you make an investment today, and it will yield you return over many years. Also, because of the light weight, the overall weight of the fan is not affected.

So, be creative and install one in your home today.


Ceiling fans with light – Addition to beauty and comfort of your home

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an additional comfort item that has been given to homeowners. They can be installed in any part of the house. From your bedroom to bathrooms, ceiling fans keeps you cool all the time. They are an ideal option when the weather is warm. They don’t only keep you cool but also help in drying wet floors. Since the technology is continuously evolving; some innovations help in making our lives better. One innovation is ceiling fans with light. The light fans are not just convenient but also provide you with additional functionality. Using Ceiling Fan With Light can negate your need for a light fixture in your room.


Ceiling Fans with light is an added benefit to your home because they complete the necessity of light and air together. The light streaming in the room can be easily controlled in your room as per your desire which is normally not possible with many light fixtures. You need to have a separate mechanism for dimming and brightening of light which is very expensive. Since they are remote control operated, you can control them from anywhere in the room. They are energy efficient and operate with less noise. Hence, they are extremely useful and even enhance the beauty of your room.


Unbeatable Chandeliers

There is virtually no space or room that chandeliers will not look fantastic in and light up even further with its unbeatable style and elegance. In a home, whether it is a cottage or mansion or apartment, chandeliers lend an old-world charm that is still contemporary and trendy. They are a style statement that will never go out of style. Whether it is the hallway, a corridor, the dining area, the living room or bedroom, you can be sure that chandeliers will make their mark wherever they are installed. In a commercial setting, chandeliers lend an extra dimension of grandness which can do a lot to enhance the image of a business.

Where to get chandeliers

The best place to look for chandeliers would be in a reputed chandelier showroom. Here, you will get a wide range of chandeliers in different styles that are sure to suit your aesthetic taste, your home decor, and your budget. A chandelier showroom Brisbane will have chandeliers ranging from modern chandeliers to traditional ones which are flush mounted or wall mounted. Crystal chandeliers are always in vogue; however, the modern chandeliers are also winning people’s hearts. Here, you have a choice of string chandeliers and LED integrated chandeliers.

Advantages of LED chandeliers

With LED chandeliers, you get the best of technology with the best of style. You get cost effectiveness by saving heavily on your energy bills, which means you can keep them on to impress your guests for as long as you wish!

Stylish Exterior Lighting

Exterior lights that are stylish can make a world of difference in any premise-whether it is a residential space or a commercial space. Today, with the rise of efficient LED technology, LED outdoor lights are one of the most sought after accessories for external lighting. This is perfect for gardens, patios, driveways, and especially essential for outdoor events, such as parties, concerts, sporting events, etc.

Advantages of LED lighting

The advantage of LED exterior lights is that no matter how many lights may be in use, you can be sure that it will be cost effective, with maximum energy savings. This is not only good for your pocket, but good for the environment too, as these LED exterior lights do not have any harmful substances, like mercury, which makes them easily recyclable.

Where to get stylish exterior lights

The best place to buy the exterior lights of your choice and within your budget would be in a lighting shop Brisbane. Here, you will get a wide variety of exterior lights, ranging from wall and pillar lights, LED integrated exterior lights, LED flood lights, bunker lights, spike lights, and LED security spotlights.

These are available in attractive prices and attractive colors and finishes, so you don’t have to look far to find the best choice in exterior lights when you have a lighting shop Brisbane. So choose LED exterior lights for the best in technology, eco-friendliness, aesthetic value, and value for money, which is a difficult combination to beat in these times.

13W LED Downlight – A Good Choice for Lighting

The technology for LED lighting has evolved over the past 5 years.  The most popular out of all is the 13 watt LED downlight kit.  This comes with the fitting, transformer and flex plug for easy installation.  But there are many qualities available in the market and most companies emphasize on the lumens or brand of LED chips to sell the product.  But the quality of the product lies in the transformer that is being used.  The transformer in the end controls the current and power going to the downlight and if a bad quality transformer is being used with the downlight head, the light output will not be the same as the better quality transformer.

With regards to the lumens of the 13 watt LED downlight, there are 2 different types of lumens that people are not aware of.  One is Chip lumens and the second is Lens lumens.  The Chip lumens is deceiving as this is what is specified by the factories that make the LED chips, but as discussed before, the transformer is the product that determines the final light output of the product which is referred as Lens lumens.  The light output on the 13W LED downlight is determined by the components used in the transformer that runs the led downlights.led_13w_premium_flat_bch_cool_white_-_led13wflbchcw

Generally when you find a cheaper price on this type of downlight, you are actually looking at a cheaper quality transformer.  A cheaper quality transformer on a 13 watt LED downlight would mean that you have more problems with the led downlights and or higher failure rates.  The transformer is not as reliable compared to the better quality transformers.  Don’t be caught out paying a premium price for a cheap quality transformer as you end up paying more for the brand name rather than the quality of the product.

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Shop for Striking Crystal Chandeliers at Lighting Empire

Come view our large range of Crystal chandeliers.  We cater for all clients who want a modern design through to a traditional design.  On offer are the new modern string chandeliers which will suit any home or design.  We have a range from Small chandeliers, Medium sized chandeliers, Large chandeliers and Close to Ceiling (CTC) chandeliers.  We also offer custom made chandeliers so if you have seen a chandelier that you like, we can manufacture that according to your specifications and according to the quality of crystals that you prefer.  You have a choice of Chinese K9 polished crystals, Asfour crystals and Swarovski Crystals.


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2 Points to Consider Before buying a chandelier

There are 2 points to consider that determine the final price and quality of a chandelier.  First point is the quality of the frame and second is the quality of the crystal.  The crystal quality can be finalized according to the clients wishes but the frame quality is what will determine the longetivity of the chandelier withstanding the harsh Australian elements.

There are many chandeliers available that are 24 carat gold plated but don’t be misled that it is a better quality frame.  A process called electroplating the frame determines the how long the frame will withstand the elements.  A 24 carat gold plated from can only be electroplated a total of 3 times, after this the plating starts to flake.  If you want a chandelier that will last the test of time, you should be looking at between 4-6 levels of electroplating.  By doing so, the weight of the frame is increased and also the quality of the paint sticking on the frame is better.  The last thing you want when you buy a chandelier is to have the paint flaking within 2 years.  This is a common problem with chandeliers.

At lighting empire, we only source chandeliers that are of high quality framing to assure customers they will not get a problem with flaking.  This is why we offer a 3 year guarantee on all of our frames even if installed close to the ocean water.

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Don’t like what we have on display, not a problem.  Send us a picture of the design that you have seen online with dimensions and we will endeavor to assist you with your chandelier.